Are dental veneers worth it? Click here to get all of your questions about dental veneers answered so you can decide it they're worth it for you.

Imagine smiling for a photo and looking excellent. However, you realise that your teeth don’t look as good as you wished they did, so you start researching, “are dental veneers worth it?”

Veneers can be a fantastic option for many people, and they can resolve multiple problems. Keep reading to learn why veneers may be worth it to decide if you should get them.

Reduce Tooth Sensitivity

One of the most significant benefits of getting veneers is that you may struggle less with sensitive teeth. The veneers will add an extra barrier between your teeth and the outside world.

That means they can protect your teeth from cold foods, such as ice cream or cold drinks. If you find it hard to consume some of your favourite foods and drinks, look into veneers.

You can get them on the teeth that are the most sensitive to see if it makes a difference. Then, you could get veneers on all of your teeth if you have problems throughout your mouth.


Another reason veneers are worth it is that getting them isn’t a very invasive procedure. It does require a couple of visits to remove a bit of enamel and take moulds of your teeth.

Then, the dentist will send the moulds off to produce the veneers just for you. At your next visit, your dentist will put the veneers on, but the process shouldn’t be painful.

Compare that to other procedures which may require anaesthesia and a long recovery time. After you get dental veneers, you should be able to go about your day as normal.

Plus, you can get one or two veneers or more, depending on your preferences. That can be nice because you can save time in the office, and you can always get more veneers if you like the first ones.

Multiple Functions

You may be asking yourself, “should I get dental veneers?” Veneers can be an excellent choice for many people with varying oral health concerns.

For one, you can cover discoloured teeth with a set of veneers. You can also get two veneers next to each other to cover overlapping or crooked teeth.

Another option is to cover up a gap between two teeth using veneers. You can also cover up teeth of different sizes and shapes to make your smile look more cohesive.

While you can fix these problems with other procedures, some can be invasive. Veneers may be a good alternative, and they can be more affordable than certain procedures.

Customise Your Smile

The various functions make veneers a fantastic choice if you want to customise your smile. Even if you don’t have any major dental health problems, you may want your teeth to look different.

You can talk to a dentist about your concerns, and you can select the number of veneers and what teeth to include. Then, you can improve the look and feel of your smile.

When you have a smile you like, you’ll want to show it off. That can give you other benefits, such as looking more confident or taking better pictures.

Many celebrities have chosen to have veneers to achieve a certain smile. Check out these well-known figures below who all have veneers:

Look Natural

It’s not uncommon to worry about how the veneers will look. You’re adding something to the front surface of your teeth, so you may wonder if your teeth will look bigger or unnatural.

Fortunately, good veneers will still look like your natural teeth. While they do fit over the front, your dentist will remove some of the enamel first.

That way, when the veneers go on, they don’t look bulkier than the surrounding teeth. They can also feel natural, so you can eat, drink, and do other things as you otherwise would.

You Need to Know What You Want

Before getting veneers, consider why you want them. The best candidates for dental veneers will have a reason or goal for the procedure.

For example, maybe you have discolouration even after using teeth whitening products. Or perhaps you want to cover a gap in your teeth with two veneers.

Regardless of the reason, you need a reason to make it worth it. Don’t go in for veneers just because it’s the cool thing to do.

While you may luck out and love them, you might regret your choice. You need to be confident that veneers are worth it for you before you visit the dentist.

It Can Cause Sensitivity

Another thing to keep in mind is that getting veneers can make your teeth more sensitive. While the veneers can protect your teeth, that means you’ll probably need to wear veneers for the rest of your life.

Now, this may not happen if you have a thick layer of enamel. However, leaving too little enamel on your teeth can make your teeth more sensitive than they were before.

For many people, wearing veneers for life is fine, especially if you’re fixing a cosmetic issue. Still, it’s worth noting, and if you’re young, you may need to pay for a new set of veneers eventually.

Oral Care Is Essential

After you get veneers, you don’t get a pass on oral care. You still need to brush your teeth multiple times per day, and you need to floss every day.

That way, you can keep your teeth as healthy as possible. However, regular oral care will also keep your veneers in better shape, so they’ll last longer.

Depending on the veneers, you may be able to go up to 25 years between replacements. On the other hand, if you take poor care of your veneers, you might need to replace them every few years, which can make them more expensive over your lifetime.

Are Dental Veneers Worth It for You?

No matter your dental health, you may wonder, “are dental veneers worth it?” For better or worse, only you can answer this question for yourself.

Be sure to consider some of the advantages, such as protecting sensitive teeth. Then, you can make sure you have a good reason for getting veneers.

If you’re ready to get your first set of veneers, contact us to book an appointment today.