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Invisalign® is the most advanced clear aligner system in the world.  Getting a straighter smile has never been easier using the removable, virtually invisible aligners.

Treatment times vary but typically range from a few months to a year and a half.

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Teeth Whitening

Professional whitening treats stains and discoloured teeth; giving you a whiter, brighter smile.

At your first appointment we assess your teeth and highlight any restorations that might need replacing, as these will not whiten like your natural teeth. Impressions are taken and sent to our laboratory who make your personalised trays. At the second appointment we fit these trays, and show you how to use the whitening gels.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is used to repair chips, cracks and gaps between teeth. A small amount of resin is used to re-shape the damaged teeth; this composite is colour matched to your teeth to ensure a natural finish.

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Veneers are thin slivers of porcelain, which are permanently bonded to the front surface of the teeth. They can be used to change the shape, size and colour of teeth with little or no need for filing. We use the very latest technology and techniques so that your veneers preserve as much as your tooth as possible.

We use our master ceramist in order to create your best smile. Sometimes a smile can be created with just one veneer, sometimes you may wish to change your entire smile with a smile makeover.

Veneers usually last for up to 10 years, in which time they can appear to look worn and may need replacing.

Veneers do really change your smile very quickly with beautiful results.

Frequently asked questions

Is Tooth Whitening Permanent?

Teeth Whitening usually lasts 6 months-2 years. Avoid smoking, eating curries, and drinking red wine, tea and coffee after treatment as these can all stain your teeth.

Top ups and boosts are readily available so that your smile brighter smile remains. You can touch-up your smile with the whitening gel as and when you feel necessary.

What are the risks of Teeth Whitening?

A relatively common side effect of whitening teeth is sensitivity. It is usually temporary and will stop once you’ve completed the whitening process.

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