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A fixed and natural-looking option for replacing missing teeth.

Implant planning and diagnostics

At BSD we aim to provide a completely seamless and smooth journey with Dental Implant treatment.

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Replacing a Single Tooth

Implants are the best option for replacing missing teeth.

They look and feel just like your own teeth, can last a lifetime and fitting them doesn’t affect other healthy teeth.

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Replacing Multiple Teeth

Implants can be joined or splinted together with bridges, so it isn’t necessary to replace each tooth with an individual implant.

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Replacing a Full Arch

Using multiple dental implants (spread out over the mouth) we can restore a whole arch in the upper jaw, lower jaw or both.

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Stabilising Dentures

Dentures (false teeth) can be stabilised using 2-6 dental implants attached to special posts inserted into the base of the denture.

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Same Day Teeth

Same day teeth is one of the most exciting innovations in implant dentistry and really means that we can offer new teeth in one day.

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Frequently asked questions

Do implants hurt?

No. But the area could be sore for a few days after treatment.

How much do implants cost?

Dental implants (including post and final crown) start from £2800; but the cost depends on the patient’s needs and complexity of the case.


How long will my implant take?

First you will be invited to a 60 minute consultation to assess your suitability for an implant. This includes a full mouth examination and a 3D scan to check bone levels and where your nerves lie. The dentist will then create a fully personalised treatment plan with full details of how many appointments you will need and a breakdown of costs.

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