Replacing A Full Arch

When we are looking to restore a full arch, missing teeth are usually replaced with several dental implants spread throughout the mouth in either the upper or lower jaw or even in both.

Initial Planning

Depending on the approach we take, which will be determined after detailed assessment and planning, treatment can completed in a matter of months or in some cases we can attach provisional restoration in a single day.

Different Options

It may be necessary to first remove the teeth so that temporary dentures are worn, or certain key teeth can be kept in place to support a temporary bridge whilst implant treatment is progressing. The treatment is completed in stages with a healing period of 2-4 months after the implants are placed to allow for the implants to fuse to the bone.

A Solid Foundation

In many cases it is necessary to build up the bone at the back of the upper jaw so that implants can be placed into the area where the sinuses become enlarged following gum disease or shrinkage after tooth loss. Sinus augmentation, is a very established procedure but will mean that the treatment is delayed further adding to the number of appointments. Bone regeneration may also be necessary, to augment or build up deficiencies in the bone where implants are to be inserted.  The principle is to create the ideal bed for several implants.

Once the implants are fused to bone (integrated) they are uncovered, posts connected and usually a temporary bridge connected. This helps the gum tissue heal into the ideal position. A digital scan is taken so that the final bridge can be constructed and then fitted.

Full Arch implants

Before and After

Immediate Approach

In some cases, it is possible to remove failing teeth, place multiple dental implants, attach posts and a temporary bridge all in a single visit on the same day.  This means you can leave your appointment with a fixed, functional and beautiful smile.  After a period of healing we then start the process of making a final restoration to fully restore your smile.

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