The Best Option For Tooth Replacement.

In many cases, a tooth can be removed and replaced with a dental implant straight away. This is termed an ‘immediate implant’ but is only possible when there is no infection, the mouth is healthy and there is sufficient bone around the root of the tooth.

Advantages Of An Immediate Implant

The advantage of an immediate replacement is we can remove the tooth, insert the dental implant and attach a temporary post and tooth in one visit. There will never be an embarrassing space or denture.

After the healing process, which takes three to four months, we take a digital scan of your implant and a final post and porcelain crown is fitted.

Alternative Process

Alternatively the process can be staged whereby the tooth is removed and the area then left to heal for up to three months during which we make a provisional tooth. The implant is then positioned and allowed to heal for another period of 8 weeks with the provisional tooth. We then take a scan of the implant when it  has become fused to the bone, subsequently the final post and crown is fitted.

Generally a staged process is indicated if the tooth to be removed is very infected or it is felt that additional grafting procedures might be required to build up the area where the tooth is to be replaced.

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