Immediate Results

In some cases, it is possible to remove failing teeth, place multiple dental implants, attach posts and a temporary bridge all in a single visit on the same day. This means you can leave your appointment with a fixed, functional and beautiful smile. After a period of healing we then start the process of making a final restoration to fully restore your smile.

Problem Tooth Loss

Having missing, failing or troublesome teeth is a common problem. Many people lose their teeth for reasons such as dental decay, gum disease or trauma. In the past people have been given ‘patchwork’ dentistry, just dealing with problems as they arise. This can mean costly, repeat visits over many years when further tooth loss is almost inevitable.

Preventive Action

This cycle can be avoided by opting to replace these failing teeth sooner with Dental implants. Rather than using many Dental Implants for this purpose, advances in technology have allowed the use of just 4-6 implants to support a whole set of teeth in either the upper or lower jaws.

Same Day Results

The Same Day Teeth procedure can be done in a single visit meaning you will leave with a beautiful, fully functional smile on the same day!

Same Day Teeth Packages

SAME DAY TREATMENT£12,500£24,000
*SEDATION£800 - £1,000£1,200 - £1,400
​(2 nights dinner, B&B at Apex Hotel)

* Optional extra’s that can be included in our Same Day Teeth Packages

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