Fees at Bath Spa Dentistry from January 2024

A full list of fees for our treatments and services.

Finance Information Membership Plans
Routine Examination£59.00
Routine Child Examination (up to 18 years of age)£37.00
New Patient Examination (full mouth examination, 2 x-rays & report)£105.00
New Patient Child Examination (up to 18 years of age)£48.00
Cosmetic Consultation (including 2 x-rays, full mouth x-ray & report)£112.50
Routine Child Examination (up to 5 years of age)No Charge if a parent regularly attends the practice.
Hygienist ServicesFee
Oral Hygiene Therapy - Standard£89.00
Oral Hygiene Therapy - Extended and New Patients£134.00
Oral Hygiene Therapy - Extended Treatment£178.00
Direct Access (for non registered patients)£154.00
Oral hygiene Therapy for Children£43.50
Fissure Sealants (per tooth) with Therapist/Hygienist£48.00 each
Digital RadiographsFee
Intra-oral x-rays (each)£21.00
Intra-oral x-rays (full mouth)£90.00
Pan-oral x-ray£90.00
CBCT / 3D ScanFrom £190.00
Restorations (white bonded fillings)Fee
Routine Restorations (with Clinical Director / Associate Dentist)From £270.00 / £190.00
Composite BondingFrom £350.00
Sports Mouthguards - AdultsFrom £90.00
Sports Mouthguards - Children (under 18 years of age)From £55.00
Soft NightguardsFrom £120.00
Extractions (with Clinical Director / Associate Dentist)From £275.00
Surgical ExtractionsFrom £375.00
Tooth WhiteningFee
ZOOM! Whitening Kit£350.00
Internal Bleachingby quotation
Crowns, Bridges, Inlays & VeneersFee
Porcelain Bonded Crown (with Clinical Director / Associate Dentist)From £950.00
All Porcelain Crowns (with Clinical Director / Associate Dentist)From £950.00
Ceramic Onlays or Inlays (with Clinical Director / Associate Dentist)From £950.00
Full Gold Crowns (with Clinical Director / Associate Dentist)From £950.00
CEREC Restorations (with Clinical Director / Associate Dentist)From £950.00
Porcelain Veneers (with Clinical Director / Associate Dentist)From £950.00
Porcelain BridgesBy quotation
Recement CrownFrom £120.00
Recement BridgeFrom £150.00
Root Canal TreatmentFee
ConsultationFrom £95.00 plus £21.00 per x-ray 
Upper incisorFrom £700.00
Lower incisorFrom £800.00
CanineFrom £700.00
PremolarsFrom £850.00
Three rooted premolarsFrom £850.00
MolarsFrom £975.00
Re-treatment surcharge:From £150.00
Pre Endo build upFrom £200.00
Post Endo restorationFrom £200.00
Investigation Fee£350.00
File RemovalFrom £300.00
Microsurgical ApicoectomyFrom £1000.00
Full Treatment Planning (for extensive dentistry)Fee
Models, Photos, Full Mouth x-rays, Report & Discussion£375.00
Study Models£65.00
Dental ImplantsFee
Consultation, full report and follow up appointment£120.00
Dental Implants including posts and final crownFrom £3,200.00
"Same Day Teeth " all stages From £20,000
Emergency Call OutFee
Emergency Appointment - Out of hours (excluding treatment)From £195.00
Emergency Appointment - In hours (excluding treatment)From £85.00
Emergency assessment/advice for NON REGISTERED patients (excluding treatment)From £110.00

The above fees are a guide only, actual treatment costs will be provided in a full written estimate following your examination/consultation. ​We are pleased to offer free examinations to children under the age of five, whose parents are regular attenders. We ask that all payments are made at the end of each appointment. We require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment or 50% of the fee will be charged.