Accidents do happen – but a knocked-out adult tooth should be treated as an emergency and requires urgent medical care.

If you act quickly you might be able to save the tooth. Here’s what to do:

  1. Don’t panic. Pick the tooth up by the crown (the white part that sticks out of the gum). Avoid touching the root as you can damage vital tissue.
  2. If the root looks dirty lick it clean, or rinse quickly under cold running water.
  3. Try to put the tooth back in the socket and bite gently on a clean cloth to hold it in place.
  4. If it won’t fit, put the tooth in your cheek or in some milk.
  5. Call the practice immediately for an emergency appointment – use the out of hours number if necessary (a fee may be payable for this).

Even if the accident left you with a loose tooth rather than a gap it’s best to give us a call. Seeing a dentist as soon as possible can reduce the risk of the damaged tooth dying or falling out.

If a child knocks out a baby tooth prematurely it shouldn’t be replaced. Don’t waste time looking for it (unless you need it for the tooth fairy!) Just rinse the mouth out with cold water and give the practice a call.

Sports injuries are one of the main causes of knocked-out teeth. If you (or your child) play a sport with risk of falls or blows to the face why not invest in one of our customised  Sports Gumshields