Exciting news at Bath Spa Dentistry! We're delighted to welcome Adrian Jones, our new Dentist, who brings unparalleled expertise in Root Canal Treatment to our team.

We’re thrilled to share some fantastic news with our community! As we ring in the New Year, we’re also welcoming a new member to our team – the highly skilled dentist, Adrian Jones.

For some time now, we’ve felt the absence of an in-house specialist for root canal treatments. But our search is finally over, and we couldn’t be happier to inform you that Adrian Jones is joining us. He’s not just any addition to our team; Adrian is a distinguished dentist with a special interest in Root Canal Treatment. He boasts an impressive portfolio, including an MSc in Endodontics, earned in 2020, highlighting his specialised expertise in this field.

Starting from Mondays, Adrian will be offering his top-notch services for both in-house Endodontics and external referrals at our clinic. Under his expert care, all root canal treatments will be performed using state-of-the-art precision equipment, including our Zeiss Microscope, ensuring the highest standard of care.

Understanding the complexity of root canal treatments, Adrian emphasises the importance of an initial assessment. This approach ensures not only the necessity of the treatment but also evaluates the long-term restorability of the tooth. Additionally, he often incorporates a ‘foundation core and post’ in rebuilding the tooth as part of the root canal service, setting a solid base for any subsequent treatments that your regular dentist may provide.

We also align with Adrian’s strong recommendation for reinforcing a tooth with a crown or similar restoration post-root canal treatment. This step is crucial to reduce the risk of future damage and maintain the integrity of the treated tooth.

Join us in warmly welcoming Adrian Jones to the Bath Spa Dentistry family! We are excited for you to experience his exceptional skills and for the enhanced level of care he brings to our clinic.

Welcome aboard, Adrian!