Are you familiar with the risks associated with Turkey Teeth? The cost of travelling abroad for dental treatment might seem attractive but there's a lot to consider before you book that flight.

In the UK, 63% of people are considering getting Turkey Teeth. Turkey Teeth involve flying to Turkey to get a dental procedure for a much cheaper cost than is available in the UK. Most of the procedures that are sought after are cosmetic.

But, as you might expect, you get what you pay for. The low cost of Turkey Teeth means that the equipment used is often low quality, as is the medical care you receive during and post-treatment.

At Bath Spa Dentistry, you’ll find a range of options to improve your teeth if you’ve already had a botched experience with Turkey Teeth. To learn more about the risks involved with getting Turkey Teeth, keep reading.

The Materials Used On Your Teeth Might Be Cheap and Low Quality

Because most Turkey Teeth providers don’t have to meet the same high standards as a UK dentist, the materials they use are often of much lower quality. This is detrimental to your oral health, and will often result in infection or more serious dental issues.

The materials may be the equipment used to give your teeth their new look. Or they may be the actual materials placed on your teeth. Either way, it is best to avoid having anything low quality near your mouth during a procedure.

Turkey Teeth Materials Procedure

The equipment used could also be poorly cleaned. This means bacteria are able to get into your mouth very easily. This leads to a myriad of problems, including infections that can damage your teeth and gums.

Even if dental work is cheaper abroad, it will still cost you. You must also consider the expense of travelling, including flights and accommodation. Plus, if you do need to have your teeth repaired upon your return, this can be expensive. You shouldn’t have to pay for low-quality treatment of cheap materials, which is why you should avoid Turkey Teeth completely.

If Your Procedure Is Botched There Are Almost No Options For a Repair or Refund

One major problem with getting Turkey Teeth is that you’ll almost always be sent away from the clinic straight after the procedure is finished. This means that if you experience problems with your new teeth, you may already be home before you can go back to the clinic to ask for repairs.

Getting a refund for Turkey Teeth is also very difficult. You’ll have to try and deal with the practice that gave you your teeth over the phone or online, which can make getting your money back incredibly frustrating.

Many people who try to get a refund for Turkey Teeth never do and have to go through expensive repairs when they are back home. You will likely spend far more money trying to repair the problems associated with Turkey Teeth than you would if a regulated dentist has performed the initial procedure.

You’ll Have a Rushed Procedure With a Lack of Recovery Options

If you fly abroad to get a dental procedure, you’ll see just how quickly the staff sends you home after your treatment. The recovery options for Turkey Teeth are simply to leave the clinic after the procedure is over. This puts you and your health at risk.

If you’ve received Turkey Teeth and now have to fix them with a UK-based dentist, it may be more difficult for your dental team to assess the work that was done abroad. They won’t have a record of exactly what materials are on your teeth or what your treatment plan was beyond what you can tell them.

That’s why it’s always important to receive all your treatment from one practice. Whoever you receive your Turkey Teeth from may not offer you any kind of recovery plan. Therefore, you won’t be able to receive all your treatment in one place.

If you choose to fix your teeth with Bath Spa Dentistry you’ll receive the best possible care from the industry’s leading professionals. You’ll also be given a full recovery treatment plan depending on the procedures your teeth need.

Your Clinic May Not Be Regulated

A regulated clinic has gone through professional steps to ensure it is meeting government regulatory standards. This can include aspects like hygiene and insurance.

Clinics that you find abroad, including those in Turkey, do not have to meet these same government standards to carry out dental procedures. This means you are risking not only your health but your safety by getting a procedure in an unregulated clinic.

Patients who get Turkey Teeth often experience major oral problems after the procedure is finished and they’ve flown home. This can include tooth loss and infection. It could even go as far as tooth loss.

So you’ll have spent money on your flights and procedure only to have your teeth fall out when you’re back home. Unregulated clinics are dangerous because they don’t have to meet any particular standards.

Getting a Medical Procedure With a Language Barrier

During any kind of medical procedure, you want to be able to trust your dentist or doctor and be able to ask any questions. If you fly to Turkey to have a dental procedure, you may face a language barrier. This makes the entire ordeal confusing and even frightening.

It’s very important for you as a patient that you are able to ask questions. After all, this can help to alleviate any concerns you might have about the procedure. However, a language barrier can stop you from being able to do this.

A language barrier can also make things confusing when it comes to practicalities. If there are additional costs to your dental work, you may not be aware of it because you have not understood the costs involved due to a language barrier. This can make payment even more difficult.

Cheap and Unprofessional Veneer Work

This is one of the most significant problems associated with Turkey Teeth. In order to give you veneers, your teeth are sanded down so that they are much smaller. However, this severely damages the enamel in your teeth, which could eventually cause the to fall out. To learn more about how dental veneers are installed in many dental practices in Turkey, watch this informative video from Dr Gurs Sehmi:

Veneers are also supposed to last up to ten years. However, poor veneer work means they won’t last as long. You will end up paying more than you would have had you seen a regulated dentist in the first place.

Veneer work that is performed by a regulated dentist won’t damage your teeth and will get you the result you’re looking for. While they may be more expensive, it is better to pay more money in order to receive a better quality of care.

At Bath Spa Dentistry, getting veneers is a standard procedure performed by a highly experienced dental team. We create the look you want based on the current shape of your teeth. You’ll also receive an excellent treatment and recovery plan so that you can get in touch any time if you have any questions about your teeth.

Don’t Let the Low Cost of Turkey Teeth Trap You

Although the cost of receiving cosmetic dental work abroad is usually much lower, you will often have to pay the full fee upfront. This can set you back thousands of pounds if you aren’t careful.

While a UK dental practice might charge more for the same work, most will have affordable payment options available to you. You’ll still receive the cosmetic procedure you want and be able to pay back the cost in small, affordable amounts.

Being able to stay in contact with your dental team is an important part of any cosmetic procedure. This is not offered by Turkey Teeth providers, despite the money you pay. In the UK, you are not only paying for your procedure but also the excellent standard of care that follows it.

Before deciding to get Turkey Teeth, you should look for a UK dentist to take of your issue. Bath Spa Dentistry is a great option for anyone seeking a new and fresh smile. With the excellent range of payment plans available, you can cover the cost of your procedure easily.

Despite the Cheaper Cost, Turkey Teeth Are Not Worth the Risk

Turkey Teeth are ultimately not worth the risk considering you might lose your teeth if you get them. Thanks to the poor quality of the materials used, plus the lack of proper recovery care, you could suffer severe dental problems after getting Turkey Teeth.

If you’re concerned about cosmetic issues with your teeth, it’s best to discuss your worries with an expert dentist who knows what they’re doing. While the cost may be more financially, you’ll receive better care and a higher standard of professionalism. You’ll also get the perfect teeth you’re seeking.

If you’ve had a botched procedure already, consider contacting Bath Spa Dentistry. You’ll receive non-judgemental advice from a team of experts. They’ll be able to set you on the course to beautifully restore your teeth regardless of the procedure you’re had.