Not only do Bath Spa Dentistry have interest free plans available to help you spread the cost of Invisalign treatment, but here’s our top five reasons to invest in your perfect smile today.

1. Almost invisible
Invisalign are clear plastic aligners worn on either your top, bottom or both sets of teeth. As the name suggests, they are virtually invisible compared to traditional metal braces.

2. Quicker results
Invisalign treatment is often shorter, and causes less discomfort, than traditional train track braces. It typically takes about a year to move the teeth into the desired position, but we’ve had cases that were completed in just three months. Each Invisalign aligner is worn for 1-2 weeks at a time, resulting in much smaller movements. This means less pressure on the teeth, and significantly less pain, than having metal braces tightened by an orthodontist.

3. Predictable outcome
At the beginning of your treatment we develop a personalised 3D plan called a ClinCheck from moulds of your teeth. This animated movie predicts the results both during and after your Invisalign journey to ensure you end up with your dream smile.

4. Normal diet
Because Invisalign trays can easily be removed there’s no restrictions on what you can eat and drink. Simply take the aligners out, eat, brush your teeth, and pop them back in again.
5. Whiter teeth
We’re offering all Invisalign patients our full teeth whitening program for just £75 (usually £350) to help make your final dream smile sparkle.